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Who is really co-opting harm reduction?

In his recent article, “Co-optation of harm reduction by Big Tobacco,” Timothy Dewhirst opens with a correct and critical message: ‍“Harm reduction is a respected public health strategy for managing addictive behaviours that pose severe health risks.” Yet, his further treatment of the topic aims to delegitimize the most vital harm reduction project of our […]

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Models of smoking-attributable mortality must consider the effects of major intervention

When I studied epidemiology in the 1980s, Apartheid policies were still in effect in my home country, South Africa. At the time, many in the field believed that their roles transcended the narrow confines of epidemiology’s standard definition. That is, we wanted to do more than simply describe race, class and sex-based differences across metrics […]

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A tale of two smoking studies led by Sir Richard Peto

In 1951, Sirs Richard Doll and Austin Bradford Hill began surveying thousands of doctors to determine the cause of rising lung cancer rates in the United Kingdom. Initial results clearly identified smoking as the culprit; and follow-up studies revealed additional causes of death attributable to the habit. This research galvanized doctors to take concrete actions: […]

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World No Tobacco Day 2020

Lives are lost to smoking every day. Yet, the tobacco epidemic rarely earns widespread attention—particularly amidst more acute crises like COVID-19. On World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) we strive to reinvigorate the fight against smoking, and to stress the uniquely devastating effects of tobacco on global health. Launched in 1988 under the auspices of the […]

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When children become the caretakers: looking out for elderly loved ones amidst a global pandemic

They nurtured younger generations, and they can provide wisdom and stability in a fast-moving world. Yet public health officials usually prioritize infant and adolescent health. The underlying assumption here is that unhealthy habits can’t be reversed later in life, and the impact those habits have on an individual’s health can’t be eliminated or even significantly […]

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