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how to win the war on harm reduction

The Foundation recently consulted with external experts from the fields of HIV and drug harm reduction to learn how they were able to tilt the needle away from moral panic, toward evidence-informed policies. Drawing on decades of experience, they told us that success requires a concerted effort to harness not just data, but emotion and […]

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unraveling the pleasure of smoking

In the 1950s, if you asked a smoker why he or she smoked, they would not have replied, “because I am hopelessly addicted.” More likely, they would have told you about the pleasure they experienced from smoking. Today, we know something they did not. Smoking kills. Worldwide, 1.1 billion people smoke, causing more than 7 million deaths each year. […]

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the foundation’s work aligns with the core principles of morven vi dialogue

Morven Summary (PDF) Participants of the Morven Dialogue that was held in November 2018 identified 10 Core Principles that aim to guide ongoing and future discussions for the development and implementation of effective policies and objectives on harm reduction. We outline the position of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (herein referred to as “The […]

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women’s empowerment: the right and the smart thing to do

In the days leading up to International Women’s Day, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Office of Global Women’s Issues at the US Department of State hosted their annual International Women’s Day Forum: The Equality Opportunity. The Forum was focused on women’s economic rights not only as the right thing to do but […]

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#lancetwomen: a gender reckoning in research

The Lancet recently published a #LancetWomen theme issue that explores the institutional and systemic barriers women face in science, medicine, and global health. I was greeted at the New York launch event at Columbia University in early February by a room full of familiar faces, champions of gender equality and women’s empowerment. They were women I’d seen in attendance and […]

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