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Our Mission

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, Inc. (FSFW or the Foundation) is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt, private foundation committed to reducing deaths and diseases caused by smoking. Our mission is to end smoking in this generation. To achieve this goal on a truly global scale, we strive to identify and address the unique needs of the developing world as they relate to tobacco cessation and harm reduction.

Our Story

The Foundation was established in 2017 on the belief that we need to explore, test, and embrace new ideas if we want to accelerate progress toward a smoke-free world.

More than a billion people still smoke worldwide, and more than eight million smokers die each year. We are committed to helping smokers with their addiction to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. To this end, we collaborate with other nonprofit, advocacy, and government organizations to advance smoking cessation and harm reduction science. We also support the development of alternative products and methods that may reduce users’ current health risks and help them to stop smoking entirely.

We know most smokers want to quit, but many struggle, with typical success rates lower than 10 percent. We also know that the number of smokers worldwide is virtually the same as it was 15 years ago, despite well-coordinated global tobacco control policies and educational efforts to prevent smoking. We need new and better solutions, applied nimbly and rapidly, to combat this global health epidemic.

Our Path

FSFW funds research, promotes innovation, and supports collaborative initiatives to accelerate progress in reducing harm and deaths from smoking. The Foundation also serves as a convener of global research supporting the reduction of tobacco use, while helping to address the impact of decreased smoking rates on agriculture and economies.

The Foundation’s work focuses on three core areas: Health, Science, and Technology (HST); Agriculture and Livelihoods; and Industry Transformation.

• HST strives to advance global tobacco research by investing in institutions and projects in countries where most smokers live. To complement ongoing tobacco control efforts, HST supports the development of innovative cessation and harm reduction tools.

• Agriculture and Livelihoods aims to diversify tobacco-dependent economies through our Agricultural Transformation Initiative. This work has begun in Malawi with the launch of the Centre for Agricultural Transformation and a number of other programs.

• Industry Transformation efforts focus on delivering change across the entire global tobacco industry and nicotine ecosystem. The Foundation’s first major action in this area is the Tobacco Transformation Index ™, which critically evaluates and reports on industry progress toward tobacco harm reduction, including any actions taken by tobacco companies to impede that progress.

We are committed to the urgent need of ending the world’s billion smokers’ addiction to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use. Toward this end, we also support the use of alternative products/methods that may reduce their current health risks and perhaps help them to stop smoking entirely in the future.

The Foundation collaborates with other non-profit, advocacy and government organizations to advance smoking cessation and harm-reduction science and technology. It also serves as a convener of research, dialogue and ideas to reduce smoking globally, while monitoring, evaluating and helping to address the impact of reduced smoking rates on agriculture and economics.

Who We Are

The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation organized under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware and exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section  501(c)(3).  The Foundation is funded by annual gifts from PMI Global Services Inc. (“PMI”).  The Foundation is independent from PMI, and operates in a manner that ensures its independence from the influence of any commercial entity.

You are invited to review the Foundation’s Certificate of Incorporation, IRS Determination Letter, Bylaws, and the Pledge Agreement between Foundation and PMI via the links below. Any comments on these documents or on the Foundation’s activities are welcomed through the contact page of this website.

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