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2018 State of Smoking Survey Now Available!
2018 State of Smoking Survey Now Available!
  • the world has 1.1 billion smokers.

  • most are struggling to quit.

  • let’s end smoking in this generation.

advancing global progress in smoking cessation & harm reduction

State of smoking 2018

A review of progress in select countries around the world reveals both common and distinct challenges facing smokers in their struggles to quit


global survey results

The Foundation has announced results from a Global Survey of more than 17,000 smokers in 13 countries, and made findings available for public review

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helping farmers

Working collaboratively to achieve a beneficial agricultural transformation in developing countries as tobacco demand falls

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Global Confusion

A look at the challenges and solutions for ending smoking worldwide.

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our focus areas

A high-level overview of the Foundation's four activity areas

Support Global Research

Addressing Knowledge Gaps

Share Knowledge

Provide Direction on the Fastest Ways to Reduce Smoking

Assess Progress

Monitor, Evaluate, and Report

Help Farmers

Prepare Tobacco Farmers for an Era of Reduced Demand

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