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Global Polls

To continually refine the Foundation’s activities, we seek to identify data gaps in tobacco research.

EU Menthol Cigarette Ban Survey

EU Menthol Cigarette Ban Survey Historically, menthol cigarette consumption across the European Union (EU) has represented approximately 5% of total cigarette consumption by volume, with Poland having the highest prevalence. This product class generates regulatory attention due to the assumption that flavors, including menthol,

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COVID-19 State of Smoking Poll

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World commissioned a poll in five countries that explores the relationship between COVID-19 social distancing and health among 6,801 tobacco and nicotine users. More than two thirds of the respondents rely on tobacco and nicotine as their main tool

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Global State of Smoking Poll 2019

Global State of Smoking Poll 2019 The Global State of Smoking Poll 2019 was conducted as a follow-up to the initial 2017 poll. It features an extensive evaluation of current smoking behaviors and use of alternative nicotine products, as well as beliefs and perceptions regarding

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Global Poll 2017

In late 2017, the Foundation commissioned a poll that served as a baseline assessment of a continuous effort to evaluate and monitor the global state of smoking and tobacco harm-reduction efforts. The Foundation engaged Kantar Public, an integrated consulting and research agency, to conduct

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Global State of Smoking Landscape

Global State Of Smoking Landscape The State of Smoking is designed to provide a snapshot of progress, challenges, and circumstances facing smokers as they struggle to quit and as we work to end smoking worldwide. We’ve examined the tobacco control environment, trends, and key

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