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Malawi’s Policy Agenda for the Transformation of Agriculture (MwAPATA)

Project Summary

Establish a policy initiative for
economic and agricultural
transformation in Malawi that
offers research support to
government policymakers.
Identify reforms that can
catalyze economic

Expected Outcomes / Outputs

Legally register and staff MwAPATA Institute in Malawi as
an independent, Malawian-led policy think tank.
Generation of evidence from research and consultative
processes to inform formulation, implementation, and
evaluation of agricultural and related policies. Provide
support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
to effectively build on existing policy priorities embraced
by the Malawian Government and agricultural sector
stakeholders. Contribute the envisioning process on the
formulation of the Vision 2063, the country’s long-term
vision coordinated by the National Planning

Actual / Current Outputs

MwAPATA: Established a steering committee and held three in-person coordination meetings with high-ranking members of the
government, civil society, and the private sector. Partnered with
the National Planning Commission to kick off the Ndizotheka
Eminent Speaker Series, with notable events including Sir Paul
Collier and NASFAM CEO Betty Chinyamunyamu. Hired institute
Executive Director Sloans Chimatiro. Participated in regional policy
events and began to establish reputation as part of the ReNAPRI
network African policy institutes. Conducted a household survey of
3,000 smallholder farming households to understand the current
state of diversification among tobacco farmers. PolSAT:
Coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to
recruit and hire a project coordinator and technical staff amid
governmental uncertainty including contested elections and
personnel illnesses. NPC Support: Through ORG, conducted
analysis of current and planned infrastructure and aid projects in
Malawi. Created spatial data repositories to help inform economic
development strategies and projects.



Project End Date


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