Strategic Aims Per Pillar - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Strategic Aims Per Pillar

Health and Science Research

A. Multi-year research programs underway, with output published and being used to inform policy and regulations
B. Research centers established in priority countries, strengthening local research capability, and attracting new talent
C. Investment vehicles operational, and funds deployed for innovating cessation tools, and improving access to cessation and reduced-risk products
D. First issues of country-level tobacco & nicotine atlases, used by policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders

Agricultural Diversification

A. Viable models ready to be scaled, based on pilots and new investment mechanisms
B. Center for Agricultural Transformation created with active researchers
C. Grants awarded, with new tobacco-specialized and local scientists joining
D. Some policy reforms in action, with legislation drafted
E. First improved nutritional outcomes, improving national food security indicators

Industry Transformation

A. First issues of the Tobacco Transformation Index live, with top 15-25 global companies surveyed
B. Engagements with Institutional Investors, first drafts of engagement strategies and oversight measurement objectives
C. Reviews of indexing outputs with investors/policymakers and industry
D. First structured investors’ engagements with tobacco industry, communicating through right platforms
E. Initial counter-marketing campaigns underway, based on Index data


i. make grants and other distributions to academic, health-related, research and science centers and institutions and other collaborating centers and institutions, and to scientists and health-related experts, to support research and projects regarding alternatives to cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products and how to best achieve a smoke-free world and advance the field of tobacco harm reduction,

ii. fund global research initiatives and publish reports regarding, among other things, the attitudes, and opinions of the public towards tobacco harm reduction,

iii. fund scientific verification studies to assess the impact of smoke-free and reduced risk products on public health outcomes and how such products affect the general population,

iv. scrutinize, comment on, and inform the public regarding the activities of the tobacco industry, other commercial entities and other stakeholders which may have an impact, either positive or negative, on achieving a smoke-free world and advancing the field of tobacco harm reduction,

v. research the effect of the reduced demand for leaf tobacco on farmers and other stakeholders and explore and promote sustainable agricultural and nutritional alternatives for tobacco farmers, tobacco land and other stakeholders,

vi. research sustainability issues and solutions related to management of smoke-free and reduced risk products-related waste and materials,

vii. conduct global conferences, forums, panels, and similar programs to focus on the evolving science regarding alternatives to cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products and how to best realize a smoke-free world.

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