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Russian Federation Smoking by the Numbers

Smoking Reduction

Russia has one of the largest smoking populations in the world with nearly one-third of its adult population smoking cigarettes. After Russia ratified the FCTC in 2008, smoking rates decreased from 39.1% in 2009 to 31.0% in 2016.

Tobacco Types

The most common type of tobacco is boxed cigarettes at 98%, followed by hand-rolled cigarettes, and then pipes.

Tobacco Deaths

The number of tobacco related deaths has increased from 216 to 233 per 100,000 from 1990 to 2017. With men increasing 372 to 413 and women decreasing 86 to 80.

Breast v Lung Cancer in Women (Deaths, 2017)

Breast: 2.38%, Lung: 1.02%

Media Dialogue

Coverage focuses on smoking regulations, which include a potential hike in cigarette prices and the potential ban on cigarette sales to those born in or after 2014, as an attempt to counter tobacco consumption by 2022.
“By 2033, the ban on the sale of tobacco products to people born after 2014 will not seem an extreme measure but an entirely logical development of events.”
– Marina Gambaryan, researcher at the Health Ministry

Public Smoking


Smoking in public places and transportation banned.

Point of sale Displays


Advertising ban.

Branded Packs


Legislation in 2008 required all tobacco products to display a written warning on at least 10% of the packaging. Russia expanded the regulation in 2012 to include pictorial warnings, which in 2017 was then required to cover 50% of two display areas.



E-cigarettes are not regulated. 

Attitudes and Perceptions

How harmful are e-cigs compared to cigarettes?

Perception of relative harm of vaping devices. From the Foundation’s 2017 and 2019 Global Polls, participants were asked, “Do you think smoking e-cigarettes and vaping devices are more or less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes?”

*Data from the 2017 Global Poll


58.3% of smokers in Russia think using vaping devices such as e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful as smoking regular cigarettes (2017 global poll)


51.4% of Russian smokers believe an increase in tobacco price would not have an effect on their current smoking habit (2017 global poll)


75.1% of smokers in Russia believe that smoking vaping devices such as e-cigarettes can be harmful (2107 global poll)


84.7% of Russian smokers consider themselves to be addicted to cigarettes (2017 global poll)

Have you ever spent money on cigarettes that you knew would be better spent on household essentials like food?

Would an increase in tobacco price have an effect on your current smoking habit?

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