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Lebanon Smoking by the Numbers

Smoking Reduction

After Lebanon ratified the FCTC in 2005, smoking rates decreased from 34.7% in 2008 to 25% in 2016.

Tobacco Types

The most common type of tobacco is boxed cigarettes at 95%, followed by hand-rolled cigarettes, and then pipes at a tie.

Tobacco Deaths

The number of tobacco related deaths has decreased from 112 to 98 per 100,000 from 1990 to 2017. With men decreasing 154 to 112 and women 77 to 71.

Breast v Lung Cancer in Women (Deaths, 2017)

Breast: 5.93%, Lung: 3.35%

Media Dialogue

Recent media coverage in Lebanon tends to focus on the country’s e-cigarette ban, health concerns surrounding e-cigarettes, and the influence of e-cigarettes on young people. Because of the ban, some smokers have become involved in the illegal trading and use of e-cigarettes. Coverage also notes the recent boost to Lebanon’s tobacco farming, as the country accepts more Syrian refugees who also smoke at high rates.

Public Smoking


Cigarettes, smokeless products, e-cigarettes, and heat-not-burn products are banned in public places. Hotels allocate 20% of their capacity for smoking. 

Point of sale Displays


Advertising ban.

Branded Packs

All tobacco products require a text warning on the front and back of the packaging. Legislation in 2011 expanded the minimum requirement for those warnings to 40 percent of the packaging surface area.

Attitudes and Perceptions

How harmful are e-cigs compared to cigarettes?

Perception of relative harm of vaping devices. From the Foundation’s 2017 and 2019 Global Polls, participants were asked, “Do you think smoking e-cigarettes and vaping devices are more or less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes?”

*Data from the 2017 Global Poll


61.1% of Lebanese smokers feel their current smoking habits won’t change if there was an increase in tobacco price (2017 global poll)


74.4% of smokers in Lebanon are not planning on quitting (2017 global poll)


94.1% of smokers in Lebanon feel they are well informed about smoking and its impact on their health (2017 global poll)


79.1% of Lebanese smokers feel using vaping devices such as e-cigarettes are harmful (2017 global poll)

Have you ever spent money on cigarettes that you knew would be better spent on household essentials like food?

Would an increase in tobacco price have an effect on your current smoking habit?

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