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Brazil Smoking by the Numbers

Smoking Reduction

Smoking rates have decreased from 18.5% in 2008 to 14.7% in 2013, according to the latest available data.

Tobacco Types Used

The most common type of tobacco is boxed cigarettes at 76%, followed by hand-rolled cigarettes, and then oral/nasal tobacco.

Tobacco Deaths

The number of tobacco related deaths has decreased from 313 to 145 per 100,000 from 1990 to 2017.  With men decreasing 250 to 123 and women 381 to 168. 

Breast v Lung Cancer in Women (Deaths, 2017)

Breast: 4.44%, Lung: 5.76%

Media Dialogue


Tobacco use has decreased in recent years due to the country’s poor economic situation, and the illegal sale of cigarettes has risen due to demand for cheaper tobacco products. The Brazilian media reports on the illicit sale of tobacco products, high tax rates, and the socio-economic benefits to having fewer smokers. The media does not frequently cover reduced-risk products, unless discussing regulation.

“The country needs to enter a new phase of forbidding to smoke inside cars and in beaches and public parks. This is something that many countries are already doing. And also it needs to increase children’s protection, by putting cigarette packs in closed shelves in the points of sale.” 

– Dr. Vera Luiza Costa e Silva, head of the WHO FCTC Secretariat

Public Smoking


Prohibited in all enclosed public spaces, workplaces, and public transportation

Point Of Sale Displays


Advertising ban except for at point of sale displays

Branded Packs


Government warning labels on package



Only the National Health Surveillance Agency can sell e-cigarettes as cessation devices

Attitudes and Perceptions

How harmful are e-cigs compared to cigarettes?

Perception of relative harm of vaping devices. From the Foundation’s 2017 and 2019 Global Polls, participants were asked, “Do you think smoking e-cigarettes and vaping devices are more or less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes?”

*Data from the 2017 Global Poll


96.2% of Brazilian smokers agree that smoking is harmful for your health (2017 global poll)


The top 3 conditions Brazilian smokers believe are caused by smoking ciagrettes, cigars, cigarillos, or pipe are: lung cancer (83.2% of smokers), throat cancer (65.8% of smokers), and heart disease (62.8% of smokers ) (2017 Global Poll)


68.2% of smokers in Brazil believe that smoking vaping devices such as e-cigarettes can be harmful (2017 Global Poll)


Personal health was the largest factor that encouraged Brazillian smokers to consider quitting (41%) (2017 Global Poll)

Have you ever spent money on cigarettes that you knew would be better spent on household essentials like food?

Would an increase in tobacco price have an effect on your current smoking habit?

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