2020 Tobacco Transformation Index ® Ranking Report - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

2020 Tobacco Transformation Index ® Ranking Report

The 2020 Tobacco Transformation Index ® represents the first comprehensive effort to evaluate tobacco companies’ commitments and actions as they relate to tobacco harm reduction.

The 2020 index assesses the activities and performance of the world’s 15 most globally and regionally influential tobacco companies as they pertain to tobacco harm reduction. This includes analyzing and comparing companies’ respective product offerings, sales performance, and capital investments for both high-risk tobacco products and reduced-risk alternatives. The 2020 index also compares companies’ activities and performance across 36 countries, which are divided into groups of low-medium income (LMIC) and high-medium income (HMIC).

By monitoring and critically evaluating tobacco companies’ behavior, including actions that either support or impede tobacco harm reduction, the Index provides objective, transparent information to all stakeholders and incentivizes companies to act more quickly and responsibly than they otherwise would.

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