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Caitlin Shure

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Caitlin Shure

Senior Communications Manager

As Senior Communications Manager, Caitlin Shure supports the execution of the Foundation’s communications strategies, refining written content across programs and pillars. In addition to editorial guidance, Caitlin writes materials and oversees diverse projects that require collaborating with multiple stakeholders both within and outside the organization.

A seasoned science communicator, Caitlin has extensive experience in conveying complex ideas via accessible prose. After working as a medical writer and then a journalist, she studied science communication from sociological and historical perspectives. Following the completion of her doctoral degree, Caitlin worked as a Science Writer for The Rockefeller University, where she reported on the institution’s latest research findings. Complementing her communications experience, Caitlin has considerable subject area knowledge in the biological sciences, with a forte in brain-related fields.
Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience & Behavior, a Master of Arts degree in Health & Science Journalism, and a doctorate in Communications, all from Columbia University.

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