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Our Team

Foundation Leadership

Derek Yach
President and Board Member

Jim Lutzweiler
Vice President, Agriculture and Livelihoods

David Janazzo
Vice President, Industry Transformation and Finance

Ehsan Latif
Vice President, Grant Management and Development

Brian E. Erkkila
Vice President, Health, Science, and Technology

Nicole Bradley
Vice President, Communications


Ramla Benmaamar
Director, Global Scientific Affairs

Melissa Benn
Senior Program Analyst, Agriculture and Economic Diversification Programs

Kayleigh Bleymann
Technical Officer, Grants Management and Development

Amy Curry
Chief of Staff

Charles Gardner
Director, Health, Science, and Technology

Chris Gray
Manager, Agriculture and Economic Diversification Programs

Rob Henning
Director, Agriculture and Economic Diversification Programs

Claire Hohlt
Director of Meetings and Global Operations

Kim Hook
Manager, Grant Database

Michael Johnson
Director of Agricultural Science, Technology, and Innovation

Rizvaan Khan
Manager, Agriculture and Economic Diversification Programs

Scott Kleinberg
Director, Strategic Partnerships, Agriculture and Livelihoods

Lourdes Liz
Director, Social and Digital Media

Heather Majewski
Vice President, Shared Value Initiatives

Candida Nakhumwa
Country Director, Malawi

Karen Newman
Senior Executive Assistant, Agriculture and Livelihoods

Michael J. Paskow
Senior Manager, Health Research, Health, Science, and Technology

Sarah Rajkumar
Director, Epidemiology, Health, Science, and Technology

Linda Ruff
Senior Manager, Finance and Internal Audit

Romita Shah
Research Manager, Agriculture and Livelihoods

Alexandra Solomon
Gender Specialist

Matthew Waterson
Director, Operations and Security