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Learn More About Our New Scientific Research RFP’s
Learn More About Our New Scientific Research RFP’s

Health, Science, & Technology Requests for Proposals

We are pleased to launch a second wave of requests for proposals (RFPs) to advance the research element of the Foundation’s Health, Science, and Technology (HST) agenda.

These RFPs address questions in all five of our research areas:

They cover research proposals, requests for scoping work to further inform our thinking, and expressions of interest to identify organizations with relevant experience and expertise to collaborate on these topics.

We look forward to working with organizations from, or with experience working in, countries where most smokers live. We also look forward to hearing from organizations not currently working on smoking, but interested in applying their expertise and experience to this major global health challenge. Applicants must have the internal capacity for sex- and gender-based analysis where appropriate, and reflect a gender balance in team leadership and team composition.