Research | Foundation for a Smoke-Free World


The Foundation will fund research primarily through major, multiyear grants to research institutions and global research networks. These entities will design their own detailed research programs in an independent manner, under the supervision of their scientific advisory and institutional review boards. Research conducted by the Foundation’s grantees will aim to find robust and reliable answers to the high-level questions on our research agenda. All grantees are required to abide by our grant policies and procedures.

Research projects will provide actionable information to address questions from consumers, physicians, regulators, and other stakeholders across the field of smoking cessation and harm reduction. Our particular focus is on five areas of research:

  • New and better tools for research: product characterization
  • Outcomes research
  • Improving the effectiveness of cessation and harm-reduction interventions
  • Research on policy-level enablers of smoking cessation and harm reduction: effective communication of risk and harm levels
  • Systems science and implementation research
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