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Health, Science, and Technology​ Agenda

The Foundation’s Health, Science, and Technology (HST) agenda covers work across research, innovation, and data & analytics. The agenda was developed after extensive scoping work based on recent literature reviews and key publications, expert interviews, and findings from our own State of Smoking survey. We had shared our report publicly to seek input and advice from interested parties dedicated to accelerating the end of smoking. The report has been finalized in accordance with feedback and recommendations from our Scientific and Technical Advisory Council. Access the agenda here.

The Foundation supports:

  • Research to:
    • Answer questions from consumers, physicians, regulators, and other stakeholders about perceptions of risk, various nicotine products, and product pricing
    • Strengthen research capacity in countries where most smokers live
  • Innovation to:
    • Develop significantly more effective smoking cessation and tobacco risk-reduction products
    • Explore affordable solutions for low- and middle-income countries
  • Data-gathering and analytics to:
    • Measure progress to end smoking
    • Inform the actions of consumers, policymakers, researchers, other stakeholders, and the Foundation itself
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