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2018 State of Smoking Survey Now Available!
2018 State of Smoking Survey Now Available!

Open Positions

Program Officer, Agriculture and Livelihoods

Key Responsibilities: The Program Officer (PO), Agriculture and Livelihoods (AG-L), will work closely with members of the AG-L team. With a specific focus on diversifying smallholder farmers away from tobacco to other crops through a structured value chain and anchor farm development risk, s/he will be expected to develop and manage grants as well as innovative financing structures, in collaboration with other POs and directors. S/he will contribute to the development and implementation of country-based strategies for improving on-farm productivity and realized value for smallholder farmers in southern Africa and beyond.


Key Responsibilities: The Grants Manager, Agriculture and Livelihoods (AG-L), will work closely with members of the AG-L team. The manager will play a critical role in ensuring that project grants are successfully implemented in full compliance with FSFW regulations and policies. In addition, the manager will inform the structuring and implementation of the project grants fund, identifying and vetting prospective partners while ensuring that grant proposals conform to solicitation requirements and that awards fulfill program objectives. Working closely with the rest of the AG-L team, the grants manager will ensure that grant activities are realistic and appropriately planned to meet proposed objectives. The manager will also ensure that activity partners adhere to FSFW grant guidelines. The grants manager will participate in procedures relating to grant solicitation and selection; grant awards; grant implementation; and grant and contract monitoring, evaluation, closeout, and reporting. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for market-based agricultural development in frontier markets.

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