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centers of excellence

The Foundation, as an independent nonprofit organization, will support independent research to advance science and innovation that will lead to real change and save lives worldwide. Our approach is distinctive in that the solutions are derived from understanding the needs of smokers first, then applying new and emerging innovations from science and technology.

The Foundation will provide support for science-based tobacco control and harm-reduction research through the establishment of Centers of Excellence around the world, as well as third-party analysis of research performed by academia, government, and the tobacco industry. The Foundation will also sponsor a series of grants. Eligible grantees are individuals and organizations that match the Foundation’s dedication to accelerating global efforts to reduce deaths and harm from smoking and that align with the ultimate goal of eliminating smoking worldwide in this generation.

Maori women of childbearing age still have the highest rates of smoking in New Zealand. Dr. Glover will be leading a study on promoting smoke-free pregnancies among Maori women, thus continuing a theme she has been pursuing for over a decade. Meanwhile, her team has begun mapping smoking rates of all indigenous people. Several distinct studies are planned for the first year.

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