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the tobacco epidemic in india

THE COMPLEXITIES AND IMPACT OF TOBACCO USE IN INDIA DEMAND ACTION India has the second largest tobacco-using population in the world after China. The tobacco ecosystem in India is complex. In this article, we examine the (1) tobacco products, (2) health impacts, (3) economic implications, and we conclude by seeking inputs and ideas for the […]

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researchers must listen to vapers who say, “nothing about us without us”

Years ago, at a global health research meeting, I remember one of the speakers complaining that researchers from high-income countries often “behave like a flock of seagulls” when working in low- and middle-income countries. She explained, “We have an ethical obligation not to fly in, collect the data, and then fly back out again, leaving […]

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evaluating nih funding of prevention research

A recent study by Murray DM et al., published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, aimed to provide an analysis of the level of NIH support for primary and secondary prevention research in humans by field and stage of research. The study was conducted between 2012 and 2017 and included all 27 Institutes and Centers at […]

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ex-smokers who vape: smoking lapses and relapse

Small study; interesting findings. A new article published in Drug and Alcohol Review details how vaping (using e-cigarettes) helps some people avoid relapsing back to smoking. The authors, Caitlin Notley, Emma Ward, Lynne Dawkins, Richard Holland, and Sarah Jakes, have made a clear-headed and nuanced contribution to this controversial field. The paper is especially interesting to me because […]

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