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Agricultural Transformation Summit Offers Innovation and Inspiration

Many experts are quick to point out that the agriculture sector in Malawi faces challenges. At a time when global population is rising rapidly and the adoption of modern diets is increasing swiftly, experts project that the demand for food will double over the next three decades—and that food production is unlikely to keep pace. […]

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Tobacco Transformation Index: Different for Good Reason

Corporate leaders, investors, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have demonstrated that, with the use of innovative business models, profit can be aligned with social and environmental progress. Still, little progress has been made in sectors contributing substantially to poor health and climate change, including companies that profit from tobacco, coal, palm oil, and the internal combustion engine. […]

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Inspiring Agricultural Innovation and Transformation

William Kamkwamba signs books during the Agricultural Transformation Summit, held in Lilongwe, Malawi on November 14, 2019   Inspiration can come from all places. For some, inspiration comes from listening to the words of others. Moments of inspiration can also hit during times of great need, or times of reflection. For William Kamkwamba, the Malawian […]

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Around the world, sales volumes of combustible cigarettes are dropping. Meanwhile, growth rates are substantial across a range of tobacco harm reduction products. These trends suggest that some consumers are swapping out conventional cigarettes for newer products—a phenomenon that Jacob Grier refers to as the “creative destruction” of the cigarette industry. Of course, it’s too […]

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foreign policy’s herpower summit

On October 15th, Foreign Policy Magazine hosted the HerPower Summit. This inaugural global women’s summit highlighted female change agents and explored gender equity as a catalyzing force for stronger democracies, economies, and communities. I participated on the panel “Women as Change Agents – Building More Inclusive Industries” with Chemonics CEO Susanna Mudge and Kathryn Kaufman, Managing Director […]

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