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the tobacco epidemic in india

THE COMPLEXITIES AND IMPACT OF TOBACCO USE IN INDIA DEMAND ACTION India has the second largest tobacco-using population in the world after China. The tobacco ecosystem in India is complex. In this article, we examine the (1) tobacco products, (2) health impacts, (3) economic implications, and we conclude by seeking inputs and ideas for the […]

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the foundation’s work aligns with the core principles of morven vi dialogue

Morven Summary (PDF) Participants of the Morven Dialogue that was held in November 2018 identified 10 Core Principles that aim to guide ongoing and future discussions for the development and implementation of effective policies and objectives on harm reduction. We outline the position of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (herein referred to as “The […]

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beyond traditional gender lens investing: an intersectional approach

GENDER LENS INVESTING: The deliberate integration of gender analysis into investment analysis and decision-making Gender lens investing (GLI) is “an investing approach that deliberately incorporates a desire to make a difference in the lives of women and girls, while meeting the risk/return objectives appropriate for an institutional portfolio.” The Criterion Institute and Jackie VanderBrug, Managing Director of Global […]

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advancing industry transformation – the ends and means

A NEW TACK AT WHO? A WHO report on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) reveals an important change in direction, in our view. Specifically, WHO is adopting a monitoring mechanism that will rely on a WHO-convened consortium of institutions, including the Access to Nutrition Foundation and others. This approach follows the recognition that, “WHO has not been […]

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gender, space, and how to shoot for the moon: an interview with nancy conrad

Nancy Conrad launched the Conrad Foundation and its flagship program, the Conrad Challenge, after the passing of her husband, Charles “Pete” Conrad. Pete was the third man to walk on the moon and an entrepreneur in aerospace exploration. Earlier this month, NASA confirmed that the first all-women spacewalk would take place on March 29th. We took the […]

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