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Gender Policy Announcement

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World is proud to announce the launch of our Gender Policy, which documents our commitment to gender equality and the application of a comprehensive gender perspective to all of our work.

With a purposeful focus on gender, we are increasing our capacity to have an exponentially greater impact on global health, create equitable and truly inclusive economic development in Malawi and beyond, accelerate progress toward industry transformation, and prevent gender inequality and inequity from metastasizing across the sectors in which we work.

The Policy was created in close consultation with gender experts across health and agriculture from nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, development aid organizations, the private sector, and multilateral international institutions.

Closing the gender data gap, leading by example

With the implementation of the Gender Policy, the Foundation is exercising strong leadership in promoting awareness and support of effective strategies to address the sex- and gender-based biological, social, and cultural dimensions of smoking cessation, tobacco harm reduction, and sustainable livelihoods for smallholder tobacco farmers.

Increasing the participation of women

“We have to close the female representation gap. When women are involved in decision-making, in research, in knowledge production, women do not get forgotten. Female lives and perspectives are brought out of the shadows.” – Caroline Criado Perez, Invisible Women

Focusing on those who have been overlooked, leaving no one behind

At the Foundation, we understand that we are not operating in a zero-sum game. Support for one group does not preclude support for others. The Gender Policy ensures that our grantees address gender-based barriers and opportunities in pursuit of improved outcomes for all.

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