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Awarded Grants


Opportunity International, Inc. (USA)



Category of Work

Agricultural Diversification

Area of Focus

Sustainable agricultural alternatives


Develop innovative financial products to help foster agricultural transformation in Malawi

Key Deliverables Received

  1. Launched program with two key commercial agriculture partners engaged
  2. High-level value chain study and a desk research report around tech-enabled systems in use across the sector in the region
  3. Farmer profiling conducted which included credit rating exercises with engaged financial partner
  4. Soybean and groundnut seed and inoculant were distributed through commercial partners, targeting 10,000 farmers
  5. Curriculum of crop-specific and financial literacy trainings implemented over smartphone
  6. Pilot program equipped 90 farmer support agents with smartphones and app training to provide education on gender equity, and on the paprika, soy, and groundnut value chains as income alternatives to tobacco

Approval Date

Dec. 2018

Project End Date

Oct. 2020



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