Michigan State University (USA) - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Awarded Grants


Michigan State University (USA)



Category of Work

Agricultural Diversification

Area of Focus

Sustainable agricultural alternatives


Provide general support for the acceleration of agricultural transformation to prepare Malawi for a time when there is less demand for leaf tobacco

Key deliverables

  1. Established MwAPATA Institute as a fully-registered independent institute, partnering with the public and private sector
  2. MwAPATA Institute published research to generate evidence to support policy development and implementation
  3. Secured partnerships with  government, civil society, and private sector stakeholders
  4. Partnering with the National Planning Commission to develop the Malawi’s long term vision, Malawi 2063
  5. Hosted stakeholder activities with partners including, Eminent Speaker Series, the Malawi Annual Policy Conference and monthly policy seminars
  6. Conducted analysis of current and planned infrastructure and aid projects
  7. Created spatial data repositories to help inform economic development strategies and projects

Approval Date

Dec. 2018

Project End Date

Aug. 2022



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