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Awarded Grants


Land O’Lakes Venture37 (Malawi)




Agriculture and Livelihoods


Establishment of a Center of Excellence for Agricultural Transformation (CAT) in Malawi

Expected Key Deliverables

Focused work plan to address the Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) and Business Incubation Center (BIC) mandates and incorporation of partners ahead of the establishment of the center. BIC activities – entrepreneurship hackathons, mentorship sessions, pitch days, Ag Tech Challenge, and open grant windows. STI Activities – early stages of agriculture data analytics, farmer demo plots (variety, irrigation, inputs, and GAP trials), drone technology, and food science incubation. These activities will be integrated into the center of excellence for agricultural transformation

Key Deliverables Received

CAT established and first year of smallholder farmer demonstration plots completed. Developing food science curriculum with Malawi University for Science and Technology. Developed partnerships with cross-section of private agricultural sector. Drafted revised master workplan with all parties of the consortium and ATI team. Business Incubation Center Activities – 2019 Ag-Tech Challenge conducted, 18 private sector organizations funded and engaged in the incubation process, initial steps of 2020 hackathon entrepreneurship challenge started. Science, Technology, and Innovation Activities – Bootcamp conducted to scope current setting around data activities, initial phase of agriculture data analytics work started



Project End Date


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