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Professor and Director: Center for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development (CAREED), University of the West of Scotland

Prof. John Struthers is an experienced academic and economist with over 35 years’ experience working in a variety of universities in the UK and Africa. He has worked in Nigeria and Sierra Leone and carried out research on Ghana and Ethiopia. Prof Struthers’ research on Africa has covered such areas as the effects of oil boom on non-oil sectors such areas as the effects of oil booms on non-oil sectors such as agriculture; inflation; the impact of commodity price volatility especially for commodities such as coffee and cocoa; and, more recently, female entrepreneurship and rural entrepreneurship in Africa. He has extensive publications in a range of economics journals, principally in the field of development economics, especially on “soft” commodities such as coffee and cocoa.

He has previously been a Director of a leading Scottish Chamber of Commerce as well as a local Enterprise Trust (both in Renfrewshire). He was also a member of Waterwatch Scotland, a water industry consumer body. Prof. Struthers is a current member of the Westminster Africa Business Group in London. In academia he has been Dean of a Business Faculty at the University of West Scotland (UWS), Head of the Department of Economics and Enterprise, and founding Head of UWS’ Graduate School. In November 2015, he set up CAREED at UWS, a unique research center that specializes in a range of key economic issues across the continent of Africa.

For the last 10 or more years Prof. Struthers and other UWS colleagues have been researching the area of commodity price volatility in developing countries. In this context he has collaborated with a number of UN organizations such as the FAO in Rome and UNCTAD in Geneva in the area of commodities research. His publications (some-co-authored) have appeared in the following journals: Development and Change, Journal of Energy and Development, Journal of Economic Studies, Journal of International Development, Oxford Development Studies, and others.

Prof. Struthers’ recent research has been funded by the British Academy. During 2015 he was appointed Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Scotland. He has supervised 18 PhD students to completion, many of whom came from a variety of African countries, and has been external examiner for more than 30 doctoral students at a number of UK universities. He is also Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Glasgow within the Adam Smith Business School.

Prof. Struthers’ current primary area of research is commodities in developing countries. Previous areas included inflation in developing countries (e.g., Ghana); Dutch disease in oil producing countries (e.g., Nigeria); economics of voting, rational expectations, and exchange rate analysis in developing countries. He and his UWS colleagues have also recently commenced researching in the area of female entrepreneurship in developing countries, especially in Africa. In August 2018, he became the Chancellor of Mount Kenya University, one of the largest private universities in East Africa. His most recent publication is a co-edited book (with A. Adewole) entitled Logistics and Global Value Chains in Africa: Impact on Trade and Development, published in August 2018 by Palgrave-Macmillan in London.

He has also carried out various editorial and refereeing roles for a range of academic journals including Journal of International Development, Journal of Development Studies, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Developing Areas, Journal of African Economies, and others. Prof. Struthers reviews grant applications for the Carnegie Trust for Research Incentives Grants as well as a number of other European research grant awarding bodies. He is also Editor of the International Journal of Social Business and Lead Editor and a Founding Editor of the Journal of Social Business.

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