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Learn More About Our New Scientific Research RFP’s
Learn More About Our New Scientific Research RFP’s

Global Trends in Nicotine

The purpose of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World is to improve global health by ending smoking in this generation. Ending smoking means eliminating the use of cigarettes and other forms of combustible tobacco worldwide. As we pursue this goal, we will also identify and provide support to address the unique needs of the developing world associated with global efforts to end smoking. Our task is urgent. More than a billion people still smoke worldwide, and more than seven million smokers die each year.

The Foundation’s goal is to attain transformation of the entire global tobacco industry and nicotine ecosystem. In support of this objective, the Foundation is calling for proposals to develop and implement the means to (1) critically evaluate industry progress, and (2) assess actions taken to undermine progress toward a smoke-free world. The findings and analyses will be reported in an annually published Smoke-Free Index©[1] beginning in 2020. Awarded grantee(s) will provide quantifiable evidence of how companies are addressing industry transformation. As part of this process, we anticipate the collection and compilation of verifiable metrics on research and development (R&D), shifts in capital expenditures and marketing spending, investments aimed at phasing out cigarette production—and much more. The awarded grantee(s) will also deploy a systematic approach in collecting verifiable data and specific examples of illegal actions or those incompatible with good corporate practices.

This report contributes to laying the groundwork for the Foundation’s work in this area. Specifically, the report identifies the major players in nicotine delivery, outlines their product organization and geographic focus, and quantifies their output primarily on a relative basis. The intention is for the Smoke-Free Index© going forward to evaluate approximately fifteen to twenty-five of the largest nicotine delivery companies in the world.


[1] Copyright © Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, 2018. All rights reserved.